• Fashion Friday: Pur3ly Root3d Clothing

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    Fashion Friday: Pur3ly Root3d Clothing

    I met R.J., the owner and founder, of Pur3ly Root3d Clothing in 2010 when I launched Million Monkey.  R.J. has been a mentor to me and always helps me with ideas and concepts.  The word on the streets is that he is like the Godfather of clothing brands here in San Antonio!  Check out our interview with him. R.J. thanks for taking some time out of your schedule to talk with us! Please introduce yourself and your brand for our friends and fans that may not know you? Word,  Thanks for the interview!  Well, most people call me RJ, as you just did, my government name is Ryan Johnson ssshhh don’t tell anyone.  I am the owner and founder of the lifestyle brand Pur3ly Root3d.  We’ve been around now for just under 7 years and we do cool shit.  One of my favorite hashtags is #FREEKINGTUSK ,who is King Tusk, how do we free him, and how does the tree relate to Pur3ly Root3d? King Tusk is our mascot!  He represents the 3 principles our company was founded on. Knowledge – because an elephant never forgets, Strength – because well he’s an elephant, and Unity – because elephants travel in herds as a family unit and that’s how we roll as a family.   The hashtag #FREEKINGTUSK initially started out as a joke to get me or anyone in our crew

  • Model Spotlight

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    Model Spotlight

    This week we interviewed San Antonio based model, Nikki Love!  I met Nikki at a photo shoot I had set up by Caycie Smith of Honey Images for our custom bamboo jewelry line we launch last summer.  Check out her interview: Please introduce yourself?  My name is Nikki Love and I’m a San Antonio based model. How long have you been modeling?  I’ve been in the industry for about 4 years. What drew you to the modeling industry? As a little girl I would always watch the Vicky secret fashion shows and I would fall in love with all the models. Modeling is just something that I always knew I would do. Who are a few of your favorite designers? MILLION MONKEY…hello lol Where was your funnest photo shoot? I would have to say that my best shoot would have to be the one with Honey Images!  Everything went as planned and that is very rare for me!! Who are your inspirations? I try to channel my inner Marilyn Monroe. I’m in love with her!!! Where would you like your career to take you? I’m very grateful for all the success that my career has given me. And only God knows where it will take me, but im ready for anything… Any shout outs? Thank you to all the Luv bugs out there that support me every day!!!! How can

  • Fashion Friday: Deli Fresh Threads

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    Fashion Friday: Deli Fresh Threads

    Every Friday I plan on searching for the HOTTEST up and coming brands and interviewing the owner/owners.  This Friday is our first one and we choose none other than Deli Fresh Threads for our first interview!  I met Biggie via Social Media and have been friends with him every since our first interaction.  It has been really exciting to see his vision become reality!  Check out his interview below: Please introduce yourself, your brand, and tell us the story behind your brand’s name. Thanks for the great opportunity Dicky.  My name is Anthony “Biggie” Bencomo and I am owner of Deli Fresh Threads.  Growing up I’ve always been a big sandwich eater. I would like to try and make everything I ate into a sandwich. I’ve always had a passion for food.  I love t-shirts and use to have a t-shirt line after college and loved it, but it just didn’t work out.  I waited a long time and life kept moving (marriage, kids, etc).  I always had this desire to start something again.  I finally figured I’d sandwich my two loves to create a brand that pays homage to the sandwich, the King of Meals.  The sandwich is now over 250 years old and is consumed by millions.  So why not show it the love that it deserves. As for the Deli Fresh Threads name- I struggled with it

  • Win a BRIM “On My Grizzly” Snapback!

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    Win a BRIM “On My Grizzly” Snapback!

    Here is your chance to WIN a BRIM “On My Grizzly” Snapback.  All you have to do to enter is follow both BRIM and Million Monkey Clothing on Facebook and share the photo below on your wall.  On Monday, January 14, 3013 we will pick a random winner from the people who follow us and have shared the picture on their wall.  Also, D. Wang is willing to customize the snapback for FREE if you win!  Good LUCK!

  • Custom Cut and Sew by D. Wang

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    Custom Cut and Sew by D. Wang

    We have officially launch our custom cut and sew line.  We are customizing hats by changing out the bill material with what our customers want.  Fabric can range from silk to exotic animal skins like Python.  Everything is taken apart and resewn by D. Wang himself and packaged in a satin bag also made by D. Wang.  We are soon going to offer backpacks, coin pouches, messenger bags, and jackets.  For pricing on a custom order email sales@millionmonkeyclothing.com    

  • God of Waar-K.A.B.O.S.H.(Dirty Wormz, Tech N9ne, & Krizz Kaliko)

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    This past Friday I went to Austin for the Dirty Wormz CD release party for thier latest album “Outbreak”.  These dudes throw one hell of a show and yours truly even got in the mosh pit!!!  Band members include Smackola-vocals, DJ Crash-DJ, Jax-guitar, Dirty D-bass, Mista Swift-drums, and Dok-the crazy dude with the Afro and gas mask! God of Waar was one of the songs on the CD and I fell in love with the track! God of Waar features K.A.B.O.S.H. which is a collaboration of Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaliko, and the Dirty Wormz!  Check it out!

  • Day 2 (4 Walls) Josh Springer

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    Here is the second installment of the 4 Walls project from Josh Springer.  Third Label x Million Monkey!

  • BRIM x MMC Collab Snapbacks Available Now

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    BRIM x MMC Collab Snapbacks Available Now

    Brim has done it again and delivered another DOPE hat!  We collaborated on a snapback that I  know you will love.  It has the Brim ambigram on the front panel, BRIM x MMC in pink stitching on the back, and the under visor has a pink silkscreened monkey face!  The quality of this snapback is consistent of our products as well as Brim’s.  The are available online now in our STORE.    

  • Dollar General by Stevie Stone ft. Yelawolf

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    I have been getting into a lot of music being put out by Tech N9ne’s label Strange Music lately and here is another banger from Stevie Stone ft. Yelawolf off of the album “Rollin’ Stones&#

  • Day 1 (4Walls) Josh Springer

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    Every now and again you run into a young buck, or in this case, a couple of young bucks making a name for themselves in this music game!  I was fortunate to find out about Third Label through Question.  His Facebook post stated to check out these super dope kids in this video called “Kudos”.  After hearing Kinggy(Jeremy Kingg) and Springer(Josh Springer) I recognized their talents immediately.  I needed these guys on Team MMC!!!  We currently have a few things in the works for the future.  Day 1 is the first video, in a series of videos, from a mixtape called 4Walls by Josh Springer that tells a week long story about the time spent locked away working towards what he knows the future holds for himself and those around him supporting his gang. @THRDLBL @dontaskemm @jeremykingg

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